Passing on the baton

Recently, I was asked to help write a short presentation for a CEO who was

succeeding someone described as a 'hard act to follow'.

The new CEO wanted to demonstrate gravitas, build trust, instil confidence

and inspire colleagues at an all-staff meeting.

Here are are a few tips on our thought process.

We started by thinking about storytelling and concentrating on the 'why';.

We acknowledged delight in taking over a great organisation and thanking

the predecessor for outstanding leadership, leaving the business in good

shape as the baton passes on.

We thought about the personal and organisational vision as an exciting

journey everyone wants to join but clear on destination, where business

growth is coming from and the pace that needs to be set.

We recognised everyone working together as a collective to create a

vibrant and exciting organisation.

Then we moved to the delivery. How to be congruent, convey gravitas,

presence and authenticity.

We rehearsed, paying attention to physical presence, getting the body language right, how to stand, what to do with the hands. Then voice inflection and vocal exercises.

It's about knowing your 'why'; and connecting confidently with your


Andrew Palmer

January 2020

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