Confidence is a powerful ally

Years ago it went against the grain to hear a person show-off and push

themselves forward.

Nowadays, I'm asked to help individuals gain more visibility to demonstrate

their achievements by developing gravitas skills, building confidence and

get successes, aspirations and ambitions recognised.

I love quoting this from Penny Vincenzi, when people ask me why they

should work on their gravitas: 'Confidence is a powerful ally. It trains

success in its wake. It lends authority assets in decision making, bestows

mental and physical stamina and clarity of thought. The confident are

charismatic, effective, persuasive they can hardly help but win'.

But how do we get it and manage it in a way to influence without going over

the top?

It's about creating a Gravitas Plan.

I worked with coach, Christine Froebel, who persuaded me of the merits of

weekly learning logs as ammunition to assess:

What I achieved

What I learned in the process

What the takeaways were so I could get on top of my role

How it all fitted in with my career aspirations and goals

And, how I demonstrated the benefits to my organisation. 

Once you have the information it can be worked into a Gravitas Plan.

Be confident, authentic and build trust.

Andrew Palmer

March 2020

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